Recording Artist - Songwriter - Engineer - Producer

Artist Bio

Quinn Decker is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist in Austin, TX. Originally having started recording songs as an exercise in ingineering, mixing and mastering different styles, the decision to start self releasing these songs came naturally. Their first EP Complacency is an effor to craft lo-fi pop songs from the confines of an apartment in Houston. The debut LP A Golden Despondency (2020) is a largely self deprecating foray into glam rock tinged, freak folk soaked psychedelic rock. Their sophomore effort, Everything All at Once is an expansion of the sonic pallete of the first two releases, incorporating more synthetic sounds and experimental mixing choices. EAAO is a sonic smorgasbord of the usual psychedelic glam rock fare, with hints of punk, country, and retro vocal pop. Quinn is also an active member of the Austin local music scene as a member of Rusty Dusty, Billy Glitter, Gorbit, and the now defunct Wax Dream, formerly The Share Fire.

Quinn Decker smoking a cigarette with pink hair and a hat

Photo By Christine Arnold



Comfort Zone